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300 Genomes in Less Than 2 Years


What our clients say

Our focus on data is allowing us to make better decisions than ever before – and with GenoMAGIC, we expect to provide our plant breeders with a more comprehensive view to improve their analyses and decisions.

TOM OSBORN, Director of Molecular Breeding Technology, Monsanto

We look forward to this next phase of our strategic collaboration with NRGene to accelerate global cattle breeding efforts through additional sequencing studies and, ultimately, the commercialization of improved genomic selection tools.

ROB BRAININ, VP/GM, Life Sciences & Applied Genomics, Illumina

In our research program concerning the mechanisms of homologous recombination in plants, the NRGene platform provided a major breakthrough that allowed us to carry out the most cutting-edge analyses in a complex genome such as maize.

PROF. AVRAHAM LEVY, Department of Plant & environmental Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science

The preliminary results obtained by NRGene are impressive. They come exactly at the right time and can be integrated with the IWGSC resources to deliver a high-quality reference sequence for the wheat genome in under two years.

KELLYE EVERSOLE, Executive Director, IWGSC

They revealed an extremely complex heterozygote & Polyploid genome.

PROF. SACHIKO ISOBE, Head of the plant genomics and genetics laboratory at Japan’s Kazusa DNA Research Institute

NRGene genomic big data analysis could save hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D costs every year, reducing time to market of elite seeds by 25%.

DR. JOSEPH CLARKE, Principal Scientist - Genomics 2 Breeding

NRGene’s technology was employed to deliver an extremely dense high quality genetic map with valuable sequence data in a timely manner. This really is a great genotyping solution and a solid base for functional draft genome construction.

DR. ASSAF DISTELFELD, Dept. of Molecular Biology & Ecology of Plants, Tel Aviv University

Our deep understanding of NRGene’s genomic capabilities was built upon NRGene’s numerous successful full genome assembly projects done on many leading varieties of our key crops.

DR. ROGER SMITH, Computational Biology Group Lead, Genetics, Syngenta

We need tools that enhance our effectiveness in using genetic resources to address the challenges of climate change and growing consumer demand. The DeNovoMAGIC analysis will give us some broad markers as to how to direct our R&D efforts.

DR. SARAH HEARNE, SeeD maize lead - senior scientist, principal scientist, CIMMYT

Our focus on data is allowing us to make better decisions than ever before – and with GenoMAGIC, we expect to provide our plant breeders with a more comprehensive view to improve their analyses and decisions.

DR. MARK A. MIKEL, Associate Director of Roy J Carver Biotechnology Center and Assistant Professor of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The quality is breathtaking. NRGene’s results are just amazing and will have a major impact!

DR. NILS STEIN, Principal Investigator, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)

The computational tools developed by NRGene, combined with the sequencing expertise of IWGSC has generated a wheat genome that is better ordered than anything we have seen to date.

PROF. CURTIS J. POZNIAK, College of Agriculture and Bioresources University of Saskatchewan, Dept of Plant Sciences, Crop Development Centre

The W22 genome assembly is the best maize assembly that I have seen… The power of the DeNovoMAGIC comparative approach for plant breeding is only beginning to be realized and NRGene is leading the way.

PROF. THOMAS P. BRUTNELL, Chief Scientific Officer, Benson Hill Biosystems, Inc.

The bottom line is that the new assembly provides major improvements in the trout genome map in all categories including genome coverage and precision over the publicly available version.

DR. YNIV PALTI, Research Geneticist, USDA

Wild emmer assembly by NRGene is unquestionably the best assembly of wheat genomic sequence to date… The recent improvements and the NRGene software, DeNovoMAGIC™… have opened new opportunities for WGS sequence assembly.

PROF. JAN DVORAK, Department of Plant Sciences University of California, Davis



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