NRGene and Kayagene, LLC. Collaborate to Improve Cannabis Breeding and Seed Production

Revealing the complete genome makeup of multiple varieties resolves the genetic basis of key traits Ness Ziona, Israel, and Salinas, Calif. (Oct 22, 2018)– Kayagene, an innovative cannabis breeding company, and NRGene, the leading agricultural genomics company, are collaborating on research to enhance Kayagene’s breeding capabilities  to develop improved cannabis varieties and more robust seed […]

First-ever Opium Poppy Genome Assembled

Data from collaboration among NRGene, China’s Xi’an Jiaotong University, and The Wellcome Sanger Institute and The University of York, UK Shaanxi, China; York, UK, & Ness Ziona, Israel – October 2, 2018 – Xi’an Jiaotong University, The Wellcome Sanger Institute, The University of York, and NRGene have recently completed the world’s first assembly of the […]

Volcani Center and NRGene Team-up to Deliver World’s First Complete Genome of Sweet Basil

Ness Ziona and Newe Ya’ar Research Center, Israel – 20 September 2018 – Pesto. Marinara sauce. Caprese salad. The key common, tasty ingredient – basil. Prof. Nativ Dudai, a world-known basil researcher and breeder and head of the unit of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants at Newe-Ya’ar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organization (Israel), sought […]

NRGene & The Land Institute Deliver Exceptionally Accurate Intermediate Wheatgrass Reference Genome

Ness Ziona, Israel and Salina, Kans. – September 13, 2018 – Dr. Lee DeHaan of The Land Institute, in cooperation with a team of researchers at Kansas State University, JGI, HudsonAlpha, Utah State University, and NRGene, the leading genomic big data company, announce the improved and accurate assembly of the intermediate wheatgrass genome. Dr. DeHaan is […]

New High-Quality Shrimp Genome Assembly May Reveal Why Females are Superior

Enzootic and NRGene assemble the first high-quality female shrimp genome to enhance all-female shrimp breeding Tel Aviv, Hong Kong & St. Louis – 5 September 2018 – Enzootic, an animal biotechnology and genetics company leading the all-female shrimp revolution, and NRGene, the world’s leading provider of genomic big data analysis, have completed the sequencing and […]

NRGene and RCK to Develop DNA Tests for Medical Cannabis

Cooperative effort will ensure top quality plants for medical treatment Ness Ziona and Ruhama, Israel – 4 September 2018 – Legalization of cannabis for diverse medical conditions requires top quality control of plant material production. One of the most important quality measurements is the cannabis strain authentication. Cannabis strains differ significantly in the profile of […]

The opium poppy genome and morphinan production

Authors: Guo, L. et al.

NRGene to Offer the first Broad Soy Diversity & Haplotype Database

All-by-all full genome comparison of 30+ varieties to rapidly improve nutrition and hardiness and reduce resource requirements Ness Ziona, Israel – August 24, 2018 – NRGene, the leading genomic big data company, has constructed a comprehensive soy genome diversity-haplotype database based on results from GenoMAGICTM, allowing commercial and academic researchers never-before-available insights into the genomic diversity […]

NRGene and Pure Cannabis Research AG Team Up for Novel Cannabis Production

Complete genomes and pangenomes of multiple varieties to enhance R&D for new and improved cannabis varieties for superior cultivation that are rich in beneficial compounds Ness Ziona, Israel, and Zug, Switzerland – 21 August 2018 – NRGene, the leading provider of genome-wide sequencing and analysis, has partnered with Pure Cannabis Research AG, a Swiss breeding […]

Shifting the limits in wheat research and breeding using a fully annotated reference genome

Authors: The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), et al.