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Most commercial crops have a long and rich scientific research history, leading to successful breeding programs. This is not the case for cannabis.

For many years, efforts to criminalize cultivation of the plant and its extracts have stifled research on the various strains and the genomic traits that influence them. Today, with many governments legalizing cannabis growth and sale, a period of rapid advancement begins – an exciting time for the industry.

NRGene is uniquely positioned to give the cannabis industry the boost it needs. We have designed a full set of tools to empower efficient Cannabis breeding, including highly accurate genome mapping, marker discovery, and trait mapping of new strains. Access to this new genomic information is allowing growers to efficiently and precisely develop new cannabis breeds with the desired characteristics, significantly reducing costs and timelines.

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Advanced genomics gives companies like Kayagene the advantage of having a robust program that can utilize time and money more effectively, enabling selections earlier on in the breeding program.”


R&D Director, Kayagene 

The Cannabis Genome

The cannabis haploid genome is comprised of 735 million base pairs (Mbp). It is highly heterozygous, which means most of the regions (loci) along the genome carry two dissimilar sequences (alleles). Most assembly tools generate a synthetic (haploid) genome, resulting in a sequence for cannabis that is typically a mix (chimera) of both alleles.

NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC assembly tool takes different approach – by accurately phasing the two alleles, we are able to deliver a true representation of the genome.

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