Earn your free Cannabis & Hemp Genomics Package!​

We invite Cannabis & Hemp breeders and growers to apply for a chance to win a QuickGENETICS™ PACKAGE - a starter kit to molecular breeding.

Did you know? Applying genomic tools to your breeding program can save you up to 35% in costs and time.
We would like to help you take the first steps towards a more sophisticated breeding program using our cutting-edge technology.

We look forward to hearing about your challenges and aspirations and are thrilled to grant a FREE  QuickGENETICS™ breeding starter package to the most innovative and novel project.

Please take the time to answer a few questions about your current breeding projects. NRGene will review all applications and will be announcing the winner in March 2020.

What is QuickGENETICS™?

QuickGENETICS™ is a comprehensive package that supports you in creating breeding programs for specific traits.

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Package includes

Breeding & genomics expert consultation to support efficient employment of genomics in research and breeding

Genomics-based plant diversity analysis

High quality reference genome assembly of your key varieties

Key trait mapping & genetic marker development for efficient breeding

What you need to know

  • Submission window close date: March 13th 2020
  • NRGene's scientific committee will select and announce the winner after carefully reviewing all applications
  • In order to initiate the project, the winner must meet basic prerequisites (please review our promotion official rules & privacy policy)

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The form below is comprised of two steps: on the first step, you are asked to provide your details. On the second step, we hope to hear about your project and how genomics can help make it a success.
Please try to be specific. It will help us better evaluate the degree of innovation, novelty and practicality of your project.


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