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Head of Algorithms and Data Science

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About us:

NRGene develops cutting edge genomics big data analysis solutions which are reshaping research & development in agriculture worldwide. Our unique team of highly experienced computational biologists, algorithm designers and software developers, creates novel solutions to help feed the world in the upcoming years. NRGene’s products are already being used by several leading seed companies, animal breeders, and academia. Our pioneering software tools are designed to harness and analyze the massive amounts of data produced by Next Generation Sequencing technologies in a cloud-based affordable, scalable, and precise manner.

General Job Description:

Your main responsibility will be to develop NRGene’s algorithms and data science research, directly managing a team of experienced algorithm developers that deliver innovative applicative solutions to genomic big-data challenges. You will serve as a technical focal point for algorithmic, data-scientific, and analytical work taking place across all R&D teams. Our algorithmic work includes: assembly of genomes, diversity analysis, genomic selection, QTL and trait analysis, gene editing predictive models and more. You will be part of the R&D management team, reporting directly to our VP R&D.


  • MSc / PhD in CS / Math / Biology / Physics – a must.
  • Background and experience in bioinformatics / computational biology – a must.
  • +7 years of hands-on experience in algorithm development, data-science and statistical analysis.
  • +2 years’ experience with management of technology teams – a must.
  • Fluency writing code in Python, SQL, R / Matlab.
  • Hands experience with machine-learning frameworks like PyTorch / TensorFlow /Scikit-learn / Theano / MLLib – a must 
  • Experience with compiled, statically-typed languages like C/C++, Java, Scala – an advantage.
  • Experience working both in legacy and in greenfield projects.

  • Passion for bringing ideas from initial research all the way to production.

  • Experience with cloud-computing – an advantage.

  • Experience with genomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data – an advantage.
  • Experience in High Performance Computation (HPC) environments – an advanta

If you want to work with the best, and see yourself fit for the job, please apply here or send your CV to[email protected]

Location:​ Israel