Our Technology

The key to producing superior cannabis plants is in data-driven decision making. Relying on proprietary databases and algorithms, our team of experts are happy to walk you through the process of molecular breeding.

Below we've outlined a simple 2-stage process to get you to superior traits.

Stage 1

Assessing Diversity for Selection of Founder Lines

Grow seedlings and collect DNA for low cost analysis.

NRGene will then generate a map of genetic distances. You can choose representative lines from each diversity group to avoid selection of redundant plants. This allows you to sort through thousands of plants to select individual founders to be characterized in stage 2.

Select your desirable founder lines to be used as parents (2-25 lines) with the traits you most value. The founder lines should represent the extreme phenotypes of these traits from each diversity group.

Create multiple segregating populations using your selected founder lines.

The diagram below illustrates the second stage of the molecular breeding process. Here we'll generate markers for your traits of interest that you can use in breeding to create your next varieties.

Stage 2

QTL Mapping for a Biparental Population

Example: How to create Powdery Mildew resistant plants

Collect phenotype data (trait scoring) associated with your trait of itnerest.

NRGene will provide you with genetic markers for the trait.

Eliminate undesirable plants early-on using genetic markers to free up space for more plants.

Marker assisted selection allows to stabilize the right allele combination for each trait


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