BGI partners with NRGene to provide a full suite of breeding tools for the Chinese market

Collaboration assures BGI’s and NRGene’s commitment to provide the most advanced technological breeding tools the Asian market

June 6, 2019, Ness Ziona, Israel and Shenzhen, China

BGI, the world’s largest omics organization, announced today that it will be offering NRGene’s technology as part of its broad genomics analysis services in agriculture research.

BGI supports genomic research worldwide by offering a variety of genetic research and application technologies for the healthcare, agriculture, conservation, and environmental fields. In order to expand its offering, the company connected with NRGene, a global leader in genomic analysis for research and agricultural breeding and will be offering a full set of tools to help plant breeders maximize their yield.

“Being a selected technology by the world’s leading omics group is a major step forward as we continue to disrupt the genomics industry,” said Dr. Gil Ronen, Founder of NRGene. “Our high-quality genomic analysis is already advancing agricultural genomics, and this will help drive us into other markets that are primed to accelerate their research.”

The CEO of BGI Tech Dr. Gao Qiang said: “BGI has been always committed to providing accurate reference genome and molecular breeding tools for breeding industry and research customers. We have worked on complicated multiploid genome analysis for many years collaborating with NRGene whom has outstanding performance on genome assembly and phasing analysis. Helping with agricultural breeding is the goal to be achieved jointly for both of BGI and NRGene.”

Furthermore, NRGene also announces today the launch of a new DeNovo assembly product. The new product, DeNovoMAXTM, is a lean version of the legacy DeNovoMAGICTM platform, which has been cited many times in scientific literature for its high-quality results. DeNovoMAXTM maximizes efficiency by using a leaner library setup with minimal compromise in quality.  DeNovoMAXTM is designed to meet the applicative genomics needs of professional breeders and will be offered to the most popular homozygote species such as wheat, tobacco, tomato, pepper, cotton, corn, soybean, sunflower and more. Thanks to NRGene’s data production optimizations and cutting-edge sequencing technologies such as Illumina’s NovaSeq, DeNovoMAXTM keeps the assembly level high and lowers the price significantly.

For more information and prices: DenovoMAXTM

About NRGene
NRGene is a genomics company that provides turn-key solutions to leading breeding companies. Using advanced algorithmics & extensive proprietary databases, we empower breeders to reach their full potential by achieving stronger and more productive yields in record time. NRGene’s tools have already been implemented by some of the leading agribiotech companies worldwide, as well as the most influential research teams in academia. NRGene is headquartered in Ness Ziona, Israel with an office in San Diego.

Daphna Tako

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