A novel Genotyping approach, exceeding all existing arrays

Our Genotyping service can provide you with similar, and often better results at lower cost. NRGene leverages its unique, sequence-based diversity analysis to create high-quality genotyping from extremely low-pass sequencing, or low-density SNP data, allowing quick and cost-effective results.

Outstanding Results

Modern breeding schemes such as Marker Assisted Breeding (MAB) and Genomic Selection (GS) require routine genome wide genotyping of many samples. The prediction power of those applications are limited due to the number of samples genotyped and the coverage and accuracy of the genotyping data. NRGene is leveraging the existing sequence database and its proprietary analytics to give you the highest quality genotyping for an attractive price.

 NRGene utilizes its proprietary analytics and vast Database to deliver ultra high-density genotyping data for an attractive price. Here’s an example of our maize benchmark results:

Population Input dataParental average callingNumber of populationsNmedian call rates (±SE)% call rate compared with Axiom™*average error rate (%)
Low pass sequencing (0.01x) 597,393376578,331 ± 3,81697.97%<1%
3k SNP603,109492513,322 ± 3,59186.96%<1%
* Unterseer et al. reported an average call rate of 95.8% (590,321 variants) .


Customers who routinely apply or thinking of applying mass genotyping for Genomic Selection or similar applications will benefit from our genotyping method which holds unmatched marker output density and precision. Hundreds of thousands of informative markers offered at a breakthrough price. Pave the way to better breeding decisions by relying on NRGene’s vast databases to obtain the best in genotyping coverage. ArrayMAGIC is now launching globally with a focus on several key crops and support additional crops and animals in the near future.

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get quote for ArrayMAGIC?

It’s quite simple, just fill out the form and we’ll automatically show you an estimate. 

How is NRGene able to deliver more marker data for the same/similar price as other services offering lower density data sets?

ArrayMAGIC accomplishes that task by using the GenoMAGIC system to convert the low coverage data to the haplotype data held by the GenoMAGIC system and then extract higher density genotyping information from the haplotypes.

Does ArrayMAGIC data inputs require special kits/sequencing methods?
NO, ArrayMAGIC takes data from standard sequencing and SNP calling tools and kits.
Can samples be Genotyped without pedigree information?
NO, ArrayMAGIC currently supports Genotyping of population data comprised of two parental samples (sequenced with GBS) and offspring (sequenced with iGenomX or input as array data).