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A Pan-Genome consortium project is aiming to capture the broad genetic diversity of crop plants. Each project is organized by group of scientific and commercial companies. Such projects have the potential to maximize the scientific value of individual resources and to advance accumulative scientific knowledge.

*May vary between crops

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*May vary between crops

The de novo assembled genome sequences included in the consortium
(as pseudo chromosomes).

Genome-to-Genome Mapping files - direct linear mappings between genomes and the reference genome.

Homology based annotation.

PAV/CNV and SV pair-wise analysis using PanMAGICTM .**

Our Approach

NRGene uses it’s multiple de novo assembled genomes to produce high resolution linear maps of them, thereby creating a Pan-Genome. Building such a Pan-Genome can serve the whole research community of a specific organism for basic and applicable research as well as for breeding. The Pan-Genome is a fundamental tool, which benefits and expenses are shared by commercial and academic parties. 

How Can You Use It?

The Pan Genome can provide broader insights into crop research revealing diversity in genes, pathways and DNA. Such data can help in designing research projects and identify genetic marker sets for breeding. 


PanMAGIC™ is an analytic service that delivers the mapping and gene space comparison between several assembled genomes of the same organism. An all-to-all mapping of the genomes is performed after arrangement into pseudo chromosomes, then transcriptomic data is mapped to each of the genomes and a pair-wise comparison of the genic content of the genomes is conducted resulting in detection of SV (structural variations, e.g. translocations), PAVs (Presence/Absence Variation), and CNVs (Copy Number Variations).