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New PAN genome cotton consortium is just opened, join today and enjoy its full benefits!

The cotton plant has been utilized since 6000 BC to produce cotton fiber and is still the world leading crop grown for textile use. Of the approximately 50 species of cotton, there are five allotetraploid species, two of them, Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense make up more than 90% of the acreage for cotton production.

The complexity of the comercial cotton genome (allotetraploid) creates difficulty in accurately describing the variation across genomes within the species. The cotton breeding and research community needs an affordable and fast means to supplement the already assembled reference genome with other genomes representing the genetic diversity and a comprehensive means to fully capture and explore the intra species genetic variance of cultivated cotton.

By joining this consortium, you can expand your genomic research efforts - you will benefit from access to its de novo assembled genomes, pseudo chromosome construction, direct linear mappings between genomes, homology based annotation for each of them and full gene Presence Absence, copy number and Structural variation analysis (PAV CNV and SV) and their visualization.

Last day to join the cotton consortia:

September 30, 2019