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The ultimate tool for whole genome assembly:

Maximize genome assembly potential with a service that brings together unparalleled quality in record time. DeNovoMAGIC has already been successfully used by hundreds of customers around the globe, ranging from large corporations to small-size companies and academia. NRGene’s team has successfully assembled over 400 genomes of various species. Encompassing varying levels of complexity and ploidy, NRGene has assembled some of the most challenging genomes, such as hexaploid wheat and the heterozygous octoploid strawberry.

Outstanding Results

SCAFFOLD N50 (# OF SCAFFOLDS)3.05 Mbp (420)1.91 Mbp (252)2.15 Mbp (314)11.88 Mbp (33)4.98 Mbp (73)41.1 Mbp (20)
SCAFFOLD N90 (# OF SCAFFOLDS)0.28 Mbp (1,934)0.02 Mbp (6,285)0.20 Mbp (1,353)3.70 Mbp (113)0.06 Mbp (744)12.1 Mbp (62)
TOTAL ASSEMBLY SIZE4.53 Gbp2.33 Gbp2.37 Gbp1.37 Gbp1.26 Gbp2.55 Gbp
UNFILLED GAPS (=%N)1. 3%1.49%2.48%0.54%0.75%1.86%
COMPLETE BUSCO GENES97.85%96.46%94.51%94.77%97.01%93.4%


DeNovoMAGIC provides you with best-in-class genome assembly results


Low error rate – less than 1 in 3Mbp!*


DNA-to-Assembly in record delivery time


Proven technology – published in peerreviewed papers, and widely used by big corporations


A turn-key solution from DNA to DeNovo genome assembly regardless of complexity and ploidy

*Avni, R. et al. 2017. Wild emmer genome architecture and diversity elucidate wheat evolution and domestication. Science, 357(6346)

How it Works

 An extensive yet simple tool for analyzing, storing and mining unlimited volumes of genomic data

DeNovoMAGIC delivers the most progressive and novel phasing ability. The  only method to truly discover the entire content of the genome!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a ‘phased assembly’?

For every diverged homolog or homeolog sequence (originating from heterozygosity or polyploidy respectively) there will be two different scaffolds in the delivered assembly, correctly capturing the actual genome sequence.

What is the delivery time?

Results can be delivered in 4 months or less from sequence data availability

Can I get to chromosome-level in my assembly?

Yes, when provided with an existing physical or genetic map, we can order scaffolds to pseudo-molecules. If no such map is available, we can generate one for you. See our TraitMAGIC offer for more details on the creation of a genetic map.