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NRGene’s advanced multi-purpose breeding platform is a cloud-based big data analytical technology for managing the full genomic diversity of species. This comprehensive platform integrates all of NRGene’s solutions into one system and can be used for a single crop or multiple crops. It is available for both commercial and academic users as a full analytical computational platform.

Outstanding Results

15.1M markers (57% of ~26.7M markers) are below 10% frequency

2.9M markers (46% of 6.2M markers) are below 10% frequency


Broad diversity analysis

Our pan-genome based approach allows you to capture and accurately map a much larger percentage of the genomic diversity.

Full genomic context

Our robust and dynamic genome-to-genome evaluation allows you to measure and display unrepresented parts of diversity.

Optimized genotyping

High quality diversity analysis provides the basis for building high resolution, low cost genotyping.

Genotype to phenotype mapping

Combining gene information and trait mapping enables the best genotype-to-phenotype mapping.

How it Works

An extensive yet simple tool for analyzing, storing and mining unlimited volumes of genomic data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My breeding program is already established. What immediate and long-term value would I gain from using the GenoMAGIC system?

The GenoMAGIC system will allow you to analyze genomic diversity in a very accurate and cost-effective manner. Once the diversity information is available, the GenoMAGIC system can be used to convert it into marker sets for trait, genomic selection, purity and other applications. The GenoMAGIC system can also be used to enable you to use very low cost, yet high-resolution, genotyping.

My breeding program is in its early stages. Is GenoMAGIC the right solution for me?

This depends on your specific needs and plans for your future breeding. GenoMAGIC can help you decide which representatives of the diversity you wish to include. Furthermore, if you plan to use MAS (Marker Assisted Breeding) in your program, then using GenoMAGIC early on can help you select markers to help make selections in your crosses later on.