Fully customized, all-inclusive genotyping solution utilizing NRGene’s vast experience and data in multiple species.
Using NRGene’s unique sequence-based diversity analysis, we can create your own SNP panel and design an optimal SNP set, tailored specifically to your needs. Our experts will lead you to the preferred genotyping platform and help you attain results quickly and cost-effectively.

SNPro™ – Predesigned SNP Panels

Based on our SNPer technology, we have designed SNP panels for various crops

Check out the SNPro™ panels available now:

SNPer™ – Explained

Outstanding Results

Modern breeding schemes such as Marker Assisted Breeding (MAB), Genomic Selection (GS), Marker Assistant Backcross (MABC), as well as genome wide association studies (GWAS) require routine genome wide genotyping of many samples. The prediction power of these schemes is limited due to the number of samples genotyped and the coverage and accuracy of the genotyping data.

NRGene utilizes its proprietary analytics and vast database to deliver the highest quality genotyping to you in the best cost-effective way.

Here is an example of our maize SNP imputation benchmark results:

Imputation Benchmark (Maize SNPs)

Randomly selected SNPs can still generate high accuracy (>99%) and high density (>>100k SNPs) results. When the input SNPs are carefully selected the results will significantly improve.


Get the best outcome with your own SNP panel and an optimal SNP set, developed specifically for your genotyping project.
Fully customized genotyping project designed specifically to your needs
Vast Genomic Database
NRGene’s proprietary databases of multiple organisms allow for broad diversity analyses
Allows additional data to be imputed to improve predictions
All-inclusive solution
Full genotyping solution suited to your needs
Proprietary mode

Exclusive data and capabilities will enable you to stay ahead of your competition

How it Works

Schedule a free consultation meeting with our experts. We will assess your challenges and goals and offer you an optimal solution combining the appropriate features of our genotyping package.
The package includes:

Diversity analysis

Genome-wide diversity analyses of your germplasm, based on our existing databases of multiple species, will result in selecting your own SNP panel.

Genotyping solution planning

We will design an optimal SNP set tailored to your specific case, fit the best genotyping platform and advise you throughout your project.


Using an existing DB and a minimal SNP set, we can impute additional data points per sample to enable improved predictions.

All-inclusive solution

A combination of the above modules creates a full genotyping solution designed specifically to your needs - we will plan, analyze and coordinate the project to provide you with optimum results in a quick and cost-effective manner.

A hypothetical region of 1 million bases containing 17 polymorphisms is illustrated. Different colors indicate various haplotypes found using the full panel of markers. SNPer enables selection of the minimal number of SNPs, capturing most of the underlying diversity, comparing to a random set, chosen by their physical distribution and allele frequency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What species do you have in your databases?

We have a broad proprietary database for maize, soy, cotton, tomato, canola/rapeseed, pepper, wheat, barley, and potato. We have a significant volume of available data on dozens of other species and have the knowledge and expertise to work on yours.

What is the turnaround time for a genotyping project?

The set-up, design and consultation steps can take up to a few months. Subsequently, NRGene can provide genotyping results as fast as within 2-3 weeks of a tissue shipment.

What is the cost for an all-inclusive genotyping solution?

Genotyping costs depend on the number of samples and SNP density (# of data points per sample). NRGene offers a competitive price for a high-quality genotyping result.

Can "off the shelf" solutions reduce costs while improving results?

Most existing 'off the shelf' solutions ignore your specific diversity, thus leaving many of the measured SNPs useless for your purposes (non-informative). Moreover, even informative SNPs can vary in their information content and redundancy as compared with other SNPs in the panel. By capturing your own diversity in full, NRGene can optimize the marker set size with its information and achieve the desired combination of price and quality to drive your breeding program forward.