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We see the full picture, from the initial challenge through the entire supply chain until the final product. Through our holistic approach, we navigate the complete process, providing and implementing data-driven insights at each stage.
We enable our partners to start their journey using optimized genetics, which generates value across the entire supply chain.

The MAGIC begins when OUR game-changing expertise and technology is focused on solving YOUR challenges!


Do you see yourself in this supply chain? Then we can work together
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Collaboration examples

“The collaboration between Bridgestone and NRGene will provide important advances for the future of the automotive and rubber industries” 

William Niaura, director, Innovation, Bridgestone Americas.

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“BASF and NRGene are both focused on developing and delivering technologies to support farmers to grow better harvests, protect their crops and deliver more to society in the face of mounting environmental challenges.” 

Rick Turner, Senior Vice President Seeds & Traits in BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division.

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“This collaboration allows us to apply NRGene’s advanced solutions to our proven genetics, enabling both our companies to lead the seed industry.” 

Alon Lerner, the Innovation and Collaboration lead in Top Seeds.

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“This collaboration will enable us to accelerate the integration of the genomic region for our unique ToBRFV resistance source into commercial genetic background using markers-assisted breeding techniques.” 

Dr. Ehud Kopeliovitch, Breeding Manager at Philoseed.

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Innovative Thinking. Proven Results.

We are ready to face any challenge while delivering applicable, accurate, high-quality results
you can trust. Our genomics technologies and breeding solutions have been tested and
successfully proven across over 300 projects. NRGene’s experts will support you throughout this
journey until you are successful in reaching your project goals! 



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