NRGene’s webinar: Genotyping with ArrayMAGIC

February 2019

PAG 2019

January 2019

Building a Dolphin Genome Assembly

Technology Introduction: From Genome to Diversity Analysis

January 2018, Guy Kol

RFD TV interview with Guy Kol

NRGene Webinar: From Genomes to Genetics and Breeding Decisions with GenoMAGIC

The 10 wheat genome project: Towards a Pan-genome of wheat

Dr. Curtis Pozniak
Chair of the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture
Strategic Research Program, University of Saskatchewan

“Towards Functional Durum Wheat Genome Assembly”

Dr. Assaf Distelfeld
Tel Aviv University

“Ultra-High Resolution QTL Mapping of Fruit Quality Traits in Melon”

Dr. Nurit Katzir
Agricultural Research Organization,
Newe Ya’ar Research Center

“Successful De-Novo Assembly of Maize Inbred Lines, Sequencing and Informatic Strategies”

Dr. Alvaro Hernandez
Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center,
University of Illinois

“Unraveling the Maize Genome Diversity by Comparing Several De-Novo Assembled Maize Genomes”

Guy Kol

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