//Canola SNPro

Optimized Predesigned solution for canola genotyping.
Using NRGene’s unique sequence-based diversity analysis, we designed an ultimate canola SNP set, allowing you to gain the most out of your genotypic data. Canola SNPro™ significantly reduces genotyping costs and enables you to achieve your breeding goals, without exceeding your budget.

Applicable for Canadian Spring germplasm.

Outstanding Results

An optimized minimal SNP subset of high quality markers imputed to obtain maximized genotypic data.

Imputation Accuracy

Results show that 98% of 19K samples have accuracy >95%


Canola SNPro™ – The most efficient solution for genomic selection.

Lower costs

Reduced number of
genotyped loci

genotypic data

Through imputation of the SNP loci. 

Highest quality

Imputed data accuracy >95%

Fast turnaround

4 weeks from sample submission to data deivery

Complete service

From sample submission through data delivery

Liberated Resources

Opportunity to enhance breeding programs and screen more progeny

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time of a genotyping project?

NRGene can provide imputed data as fast as four weeks from receipt of samples to data delivery.

What is the cost of the Canola SNPro™ genotyping and imputation solution?

Genotyping costs depend on the number of samples submitted per year and the number of batches into which the samples are divided.  NRGene Canola SNPro™ offers a very attractive and competitive price for high-quality genotyping compared to the existing 60K array solution.

Who should use Canola SNPro™?

Canola SNPro™ was optimized for the spring Canola germplasm commonly used in North American breeding programs.